How do I use my own graphics for my app icons? (once its been exported)

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  • Hi, was wondering if anyone could help me with this.

    im almost finsihed my game with construct 2, but when i go to export the project as a NW.js desktop application, the exported project doesnt use my custom app icons.

    by that i mean, i cant use graphics relevant to the game as icons instead of the default nw.js icon.

    all five of the default project icons have been updated to my own graphics.

    can anyone help me? would be much appreciated

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  • does anyone have any idea how to fix this? it really just seems like i cant change the app icon and im stuck with NW.js compass icon for my games. ive looked up other posts about similar problems but the solutions havent worked for me.

    i get that construct 2 is finished but ive been working on a few games on it for years and only just getting ready to release now.

    would really appreciate anyones help. thanks

  • For what operating system? Windows or Mac?

  • You would need to use a resource compiler/decompiler to edit the nw icon, like Resource Hacker. There's a small tutorial here.


    You could package the exported folder into its own executable, with custom icon, using Nepeo's tutorial...

    Additionally, a C3 user created a small program that packages files into its own executable...

    But, I haven't tested it yet. I just tested it and it works, even on C2 projects. This might be your easiest solution. ;)

  • thats great, thanks heaps for the replies!

    was aiming for windows initially, but would want to release on mac too but ive heard NW.js has many problems with mac :/

    "Additionally, a C3 user created a small program that packages files into its own executable..."

    so this third option by the C3 user, do you mean this will work without a copy of C3? or will i need to bring my C2 project into C3 to export it, then use the packaging program?

    thanks so much for your help!

  • it seems really intuitive and straight forward, thats great!

    my only question is with initial Zip file that you use, how do you generate a '' file like the one in the tutorial video? is it as simple as just zipping up one of the folders that gets exported from construct 2?

    sorry for the questions, thanks again for your time

  • No, you don't need C3 for this to work. It works with C2.

    After exporting to NW.js, choose which export folder you want to have. (either win32 or win64)

    Zip the contents of that exported folder and make sure the zipfile has "" at the end of the name.

    That's it. ;)

  • it works really well lancifer! thanks again so much!

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