How do I make my own 2D graphics?

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  • Hello!I m new on Construct 2.I think only with scirra's packs games will be limited.How can i make my own character,tiles,background?

    Im not a 2d,3d designer.Is it possible to make my 2d graphics?

    sorry for bad english.

  • Hi!

    A good start is probably to browse through the different topics under:

    Forum Home > General > Tools/resources.

    There you can get tips about painting- and animation software (both free and commercial), as well as free resources.

  • start with the scirra free bundle or look for other royalty free sprite packs in the internet.

    As long as you don't publish it, you can even use things like the sprites of Super Mario or whatever you want.

  • Your options are going to be the same as they are for everyone else.

    You either create your own - using tools such as Spriter - pay for someone to do some for you, or develop your skills as an artist. You can buy off the shelf packs, but they won't then be unique to you.

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  • The best site i've found and use is however as stated by philx you wont be able to publish and make money from your games used these.

  • thanks for replies.I want to make games for myself for now not commercial.LI0NHART I just downloaded charlie ninja but how can i use this in C2?

  • Since those animation images are not layed out on regular grid, you need to take a paint program (Gimp or are free) and separate each part of animation into individual parts.

    Store frames as PNG format files with transparent background and then load those into C2 ..

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