Owh! It looks ugly on my Androids phone.

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  • I create a small apps. There are buttons and slider bar. But when I tested using wifi, man...it looks ugly. The slider on the sliderbar is missing, the text on the buttons is to wide... is it something I have to live with and accept?

  • Definitely not all that much into mobile apps, but I do believe I have read that there might be problems with those UI elements, such as button and sliders etc. As they are not like a "normal" objects, but are form control elements or at least they used to be, but not sure if that's the case anymore. As you normally wouldn't be able to draw anything above such objects, but it doesn't seem to be the case anymore. But regardless I would assume it still have something to do with that anyway somehow.


    You cant draw above them, just me not thinking straight

    So they are still Form elements and will always go to front, which will cause problems now and then, that's why you normally don't use them for anything except testing purposes, I would say.

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  • You shouldn't use forms and buttons on mobile app. Use sprite image as a button instead.

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