How do I make an object stay on a solid?

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  • I am trying to make an object that falls with gravity and when it collides with a solid it stops. I've tried a bullet with gravity and tried making it collide with my tilemap that is a solid but it is not colliding. The only other option I can think of is add physics behavior to my object and give the physics behavior to my tilemap but that is weird. I don't think a tilemap should have physics.

  • Did you add the Solid behavior to the tilemap AND enable collision with solids in your bullet behavior?

  • I did add solid behavior to the tilemap but I did not add collision with solids explicitly to the bullet behavior. I thought it already starts with the solid collision. I will try adding collision with solids in my event sheet.

    So which way is better? Using bullet or using physics? This object can be dragged by the mouse and thrown with the mouse.

  • If I do use events, do I use bullet -> on collision -> stop? Do I have to move the bullet back to the top of the collided object in case the bullet is too fast and goes inside of the object?

    If I use physics, do I have to use an event sheet to change the gravity?

  • Physics is not designed to work with the other behaviors - as mentioned in the manual - so if possible, try not to mix, unless you do everything using physics, which has it's own problems.

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  • Thanks. For now, I have added the physics AND the solid behaviors to my tilemap. Physics handles my draggable object and solid handles my platformer player.

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