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  • Hello,

    I need some help with spawning of the new objects.

    I have several objects that have motion on different angles, how to set that object (when gets destroyed) spawns another one (i got to this point) or more and that newly spawned objects inherit parent's motion (direstion, speed and angle), this is the part that i cant solve... :(


  • A spawns B

    Set B.values to A.values

    Destroy A

  • hm... i see your logic but i dont see that option or im doing something wrong!?

    can you give me example for direction of movement or speed?

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  • Here's an example for different objects with bullet behaviour:

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/FRMapr5.gif" border="0" />

  • NIKO

    Thank you, exactly what i was looking for.


  • One little problem .... i can make it work on destroyed but not on animation end... any ideas why?

  • -Does the animation end on the moment you want the sprite spawned?

    -Are you still destroying the sprite through an action AFTER setting all it's values over to the spawned sprite?

  • I have normal animation that loops and destroyed animation that takes over upon heatlth < 0.

    Normal one is in loop so i guess it never ends and that's why it wont trigger the event, on the other hand it looks little awkward if new object just pops after destroyed animation and object being actually destroyed.

    Ideal would be to spawn it in the middle of destroyed animation... but how to do that?


    iw suceed with 2 conditions: anim. playing and frame = 8 to spawn it in the middle of animation!!!!

  • That's quite a good solution, might use it myself as well. :P

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