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  • Ashley

    I have been searching the forums for about a week now and havent been able to find an answer to any of these questions. I payed for the license thinking that might add these functions but it didnt so now I would like some sort of answers. It does seem that constuct 2 is powerful and you should be able to make this happen as its a pretty basic game machanic!!

    I have been trying to make a doodle jump game where platforms are created outside the window size or layout size (which is the same size as the window)and as he jumps he gets closer to them and they are now on the screen so he can keep jumping (using the scroll to behaviour and setting the unbound scrolling to yes). I have seen examples of objects flying inside the window, but I want to go the objects instead. This seems like a basic game mechanic.

    With gamesalad you set the position of the window view and size relative to what you call the layout size. If I could do this then this would not be a problem cause objects are created in positions that take into account the layout and not the window size.

    Is there any way of changing the window position or having the layout size be bigger than the window size but in the negative Y direction.

    Im not too sure why when I increase the size of the layout it grows in size from left to right and top to bottom. Again this wouldnt be an issue if I could just move the window down lol.

    I thought if I set the create object to position Y in the negatives then that would work but I never see them.

    PLEASE I NEED HELP!! Its important that this work as this is the base of 2 games I intend to make.

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  • Seems you need some help ...

    The layout size can be far much bigger than the window/screen size ... this feature is used in all scrolling games such as doodle jump. So you don't really create object in "negative" values pos but in pos out of window/screen "view" cause the "view" show only a small part of the total layout size.

    After that you have to solve the scrolling problem ... seems in "doodle jump" the view is centered on "doodle" ... so put the layout in "unbounding scroll:yes" and use the "scroll to" behaviour and assign to the "doodle" object ... The best in to create your own scrolling system using a invisible object with "scroll to" behaviour and make this object changing position when you want the view follow the mouse/touch/sprite or be simply centered in the screen depending on context.

    For some details about scrolling look at this sample project where the view follow the "touch" coordinates =>


  • I made a quick and simple example for you, to illustrate how you can use scrolling to control the "view".


  • Thank you for your reply

    Arent the positions out side the window view in the negatives??

    So how would I create objects outside the top of the Window view??

  • Im still confused to be honest with you guys lol how do those examples allow me to create out side the view cause I need them to be created randomly over and over again. Its not really feasible to make one giant level people would learn the patterns and thats no fun :)

  • You don't need negative positions. You just create a tall layout and start at the bottom.

  • So how would I create objects outside the top of the Window view??

    You can create an object outside the window view by using negative position values for X and Y when creating the object.

  • So if I set the jumper to the bottom with scrollto added he will just keep jumping until it reaches the set window view any way and nothing gets created off screen

  • If you want a vertically scrolling platform game you'll either have to make a very tall layout, and scroll to your character, or you could have a small layout with a fixed camera and spawn moving platforms above your character, like this:


  • Nimtrix I tried that and nothing shows up properly

    I set create platform Position x random (0,600)

    Position Y random (0,-30)

    and that gets created but then it stops once im on those ones meaning it doesnt keep making them

  • What do you have as a condition for that event?

  • Ya I cant make a really tall lay out thats not very good game design cause people will learn the game and it becomes very boring fast. I have thought about making them moving but that is not very doodle jumpy lol. I cant believe that there is no way of actually doing this. Has no body made a doodle jump game with construct 2?

    Can I get a response from the Makers please....from the "architect" a little matrix ref :P

  • I just set it to every second object platform on layer 1 at (random(0,600),random (0,-30)

  • If your blocks don't move downwards, you won't see objects with positions below 0, so you'll have to spawn it somewhere inside the layout.

  • Ya I cant make a really tall lay out thats not very good game design cause people will learn the game and it becomes very boring fast.

    Not necessarily, you can still place the platforms randomly. Problem is that there will be a limit to how high you can go. I haven't played doodle jump but I just looked at a video and it seems you just keep jumping upwards forever. Anywho, I made this:

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