Is this not Possible??

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  • So I cant make any endless running game or doodle jump type games then. Cause using the scrollto and unbound set to yes will cause them to always reach the end of the level????

  • IS there any way to add to the size of the layout every second?? cause then I can use what you have made and it would be endless cause every second the layout has grown by 1024 so it would never reach the end lol

  • thanks for reply guys I really appreciate it. I think we should really figure this out cause its kinda cutting down on the number of games we can make with this tool. particularly mobile phone games that seem to be endless this and endless that type of games.

  • Here we go. When the player gets close to the top of the layout, just move him, the platforms and everything else back down to the bottom and carry on.

  • HOLY Sfxw@%T!!! It actually worked hahah :) I'm so happy right now thanks a lot man. I was think of something like too but would have no idea how to do that either lol. I do find that it stutters a bit is it cause its relocating everything??

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  • Using lerp on the scrolling should smooth things out:


  • it destroys all the platforms once you reach 1400 score lol ?

  • Ah, sorry didn't notice. Changed an event, should work now I think. Reuploaded to same location.

  • looks like it helped a bit thanks a lot for the help guys really appreciate it. This should be made into a sticky or something or added to the the list of FAQS that one of the moderators made (sorry I forgot the name) I read through those for an answer lol.

    I think its the is probably the best way that will allow for "endless" games to be made :)

  • hey do guys see a fuzy line as he move up or is it just my computer??

  • I've made this more like the original doodleJump game (wrap around sides, auto-jump).


  • these all use a fixed height layout though? for a true doodle jump game it needs to just go on forever and ever, how would we achieve that?

  • You can either set unbounded scrolling to true in project properties and then you can travel as far as you want in any direction. Or you can have a fixed size layout and when the player gets to the top you move them and the platforms back down to the bottom. It's seamless so it appears the player is constantly moving upwards. That's what the examples in this thread did but they don't seem to be working anymore.

  • It's not as see less as I thought it would be u do notice something

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