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  • somebody have a tutorial of how to do a application which post automatically comments every x seconds in faacebook ???

  • You want to post on someone's wall every X seconds? That's probably a bad idea...

  • no...

    no necessarily on someone's wall, can be on my wall

  • lol i liked the annoying idea seems someone hacked you or you need something from him and he ignored you :P

    anyway good luck to find this

  • the problem is that he hardly enter in the facebook and email, and I have to notify him about a important thing, and I don't have his cellphone number.So, I need this tutorial!!!

  • I don't see how spamming someone's wall will help rather than sending him a message in facebook.

    Anyway, I don't think such an application is allowed by facebook's terms. (spam is generaly reprehended)

    And in the end, the person would have to access the application to get spammed. If he/she hardly uses FB, it's unlikely they'll visit said application.

  • ok,i don't know how important is that, but the thing i know is if someone doesn't care about you so you shouldn't care about him. but i don't follow this rule ... i rarely enter facebook,hotmail and my friends keep post on walls,send emails and offline chats ... so keep in your mind he is busy in something more important than watching walls, useless news... as you know most of facebook and emails are useless : chats and you don't have any interest on it or old news, or something you don't know it, or missing messages aloooooooot of useless :)

    so don't forget if he is your friend he will see your first post when he get free time ^^ (be patient) :)

  • If you need to tell someone something urgent:

    • their wall is probably the wrong place to post it, since it's public!
    • if you post it once, and they don't see that, they won't see any of the other ones you post afterwards either! So making more posts will just be really annoying to them.
    • if you post more than a few times a minute Facebook's spam controls will probably ban your app for being a spammer.

    So I would advise not to do this at all, but if you absolutely must, post a single message.

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  • okay..I will tell you the truth.

    He isn't my friend, i don't meeet him, but he found a image of me which displease me in a group, and now all my friends are mocking me

    HELP <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Try to file a report on facebook. You are to have a control on your image, and they should respond to a request.

    There's nothing that can or should be done from C2.

    Also, pro tip, avoid getting in embarrassing situations where your picture could be taken and posted worldwide.

  • Pokemon alot of weird things happening now :P

    first of all how could you say they are your friends and they mock on you, do you really care about someone mocking you??? (1 weird).

    2nd do you really shame from your picture?? i don't know how you life with your self then , try to positive at yourself.

    many people do surgery to thier body just because they shame from thier body i wish you are not one of them , because everyone has a miss on his body,mind,and everything...

    try to be brave.

    last thing if the picture about you when you were young like 1years old with something funny don't shame because all of your friends did that too ^^

  • I want to post multiple things , to that image "disappear" in my posts and nobody will see that image more

  • help me

  • Remove the image from your wall, untag yourself if you are tagged, delete "friend" or anyone else who is giving you are hard time (if it really bothers you), and report image to facebook. This is not a C2 problem.

    Or just go with it and laugh too. It is an amazing experience to rid yourself of shame. Unfortunately this is usually a function of age. The older you get, the less you care about what other people think, say, or do.

  • and finally, just dont use facebook..


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