I need a lot of help for my new game

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  • Hi there, I'm in my 3rd year of visual design major and this semester I took a game making subject that requires me to create a simple game using Construct 2. But even after my professor's explanation, I just can't seem to stop getting lost at the interface..I'd appreciate any kinds of input because I'm just that dumb at coding and stuff :(

    My game is about a female swimmer who's supposed to swim while dodging clusters of sperm cells (I know it's weird, but it's based on a popular topic currently circulating around my country, which is the absurd notion that women can get pregnant by simply swimming in a public pool..)

    What I want to know is:

    1. How do I control the movement using the mouse input?

    2. How do I make the character move forward by repeatedly clicking the S and D keys?

    3. Manage the health points behavior (represented by 3 roses, and every time a sperm cluster hits the player, the rose turns monochromatic)

    I still have lots of questions, but I guess these 3 will do for now. I'm sorry for asking too much and being too dumb in general :(


  • Check out the 8 direction Behavior with default controls turned off.

    1. You would check if the x value is greater or less than the swimmers x and simulate that direction in the behavior.

    2. Simulate the direction s=<- d=->

    3. Use a variable for health. Lots of examples in the help, and tuts section. Use Sprite frames.

    Edit: C2 not C3

    TileMovement Behavior would be better


  • Can you explain the controls? I don't understand how you want to control the swimmer with both the mouse and S/D keys. Is this a top-down view game? Can the swimmer move in all 4 directions, or only forward?

    If you need to repeatedly press S/D keys to swim faster, then check out this demo.

  • If you need to repeatedly press S/D keys to swim faster, then check out this demo.

    Also, do you mind taking a screenshot for the event sheet? Because I can't open the demo using C2 :( and it's strictly needed for me to use C2 only..

  • You can open this demo in free version of C3. And then you can copy everything over to C2.

  • You can open this demo in free version of C3. And then you can copy everything over to C2.

    > https://editor.construct.net

    Ah yes, I've also just found the editor so I'm gonna check it out now :) also I have 1 pending post detailing my game but it's yet to be approved so I'm sorry for the trouble..

  • drive.google.com/file/d/1qNFdBO9os7MzJpppTFe_dd6kDQYWB6W8/view

    The pool area is small so in the finished product I would have it resized into a larger scale so the player can traverse further across the map. And the 3 roses would also get rescaled.

    The mouse is only to determine which direction the swimmer is facing (and holding left click to dash and deplete the dash bar which I have not designed yet). Then the player can alternate between S and D to accelerate (sprite will also change into a swimming animation).

  • dop2000 Tiled Movement doesn't exist in C2 so unfortunately I can't use it..

  • drive.google.com/open

    Here's my capx file. I've managed to make it move but are there ways to make it smoother?

  • There are two sprites in that demo. Tiled Movement is just another example, you can use 8-direction, or Bullet or some other behavior. The idea is the same - when two keys pressed one after another, increase behavior speed.

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  • dop2000 , do you mind if we discuss about this somewhere else? Since many of my messages are still in moderation I find it inefficient to communicate here. I would really love to have your insight on this ;_;

  • Here you go:


    I can't express how much I appreciate this, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, this is tremendous help!!

  • dop2000

    I've made the concrete tiles around the pool solid, but the player and the enemies can still pass through them..any ideas on what's wrong?

    Edit: made both the player and the enemies solid. Worked even though a little buggy.

    Any ideas on how to create a good flocking behavior in which enemies don't group so close to each other, and strategy based behavior perhaps?

    I'm currently working on a score bar.

  • Don't make the player and enemies solid! Set "Bounce off solids=yes" in Bullet behavior. Also, you don't need Bound To Layout, since they will bounce off solid tiles.

    Enemy AI is a difficult topic, I suggest studying tutorials:


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