i need help in Ashley Beginner's guide/making Platform game

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  • hi , i have two problem in Ashley "Beginner's guide to Construct 2" and "How to make a Platform game" .

    1. in Ashley "Beginner's guide to Construct 2" : in Creating a heads-up display (HUD) - page 7, when i added "Score: " & Score to Every tick event i get this error : unknown expression 'Score' , so i cant added "& Score" in the end and my HUD wont work .

    2.in Ashley "How to make a Platform game" : in page 1 : i cant find Background Image\Background.png file from the sprite pack ( Jungle Background) .

    thanks .


    English is not my native language. Sorry for any mistakes and feel free to correct me if needed.

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  • In first tutorial :

    Right-click the space at the bottom of the event sheet, and select Add global variable.

    Add a global variable.

    Enter Score as the name. The other field defaults are OK, it'll make it a number starting at 0.

    Adding the Score global.

    Now the global variable appears as a line in the event sheet. It's in this event sheet, but it can be accessed from any event sheet in any layout.

    The Score global variable.

    Or ? Did you name the textbox 'Score' ? In that case rename it to something else (for now).

  • 1. "Score" is a global variable.

    You need to define it as explained here: https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/37/beg ... ge-6#h2a22

    2. background.png is in the compressed ZIP that comes with C2.

    Download the package by going to the "About" window in C2 (File -> "About" at bottom) and clicking "Download Media bundle" above your license.

    Download the ZIP and extract it to somewhere easily accessible.

    The "background.png" will be at [ZIP extracted location]\Sprites\Jungle Platformer\Background Image\background.png

  • 1.) My best guess is you need to add the Global Variable of Score and you may need to remove the space after the &

    2.) You can load in any plain looking colored image for a background if you cannot find the exact image you are looking for

  • For the second one, it states :

    This tutorial uses the Jungle Platformer sprites from the bundle you get when you purchase Construct 2. Once purchased, click the Download media bundle link in the About dialog to get the extra assets bundle. If you're using the free edition, you can substitute your own graphics, or try the alternative beginner's guide which provides all the sprites you need.

  • thanks everyone .

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