need better XDK-Android Audio performance and smaller APKs

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  • Hi everyone,

    I've been working on porting some projects over to android via crosswalk. Performance seems good for simple game activities, but not so great with realtime physics and I can understand that.

    What I am more concerned with was the laggy audio on my galaxy s4.. and the complete lack of looping music playing at all.

    does anyone else experience this and if so, do you have any advice?

    Secondly is that I'm seeing that these wrappers are adding a LOT of bloat to the size of the file. When using the Ejecta project to port to iOS, I've produced a game that's a 1.8mb IPA.. but take that same project over to XDK and it's around 17mb.. that's a lot of something eating up a lot of space..

    Maybe it's bundling in a lot of unnecessary icon/publishing graphics that are missing in the iOS build,but seriously.. that's a lot of space for very simple games like this one which is my main test subject

    any tips on performance, audio and file size reduction would be greatly appreciated.



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