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  • I'm having a lot of issues with this transitioning between Spriter and C2 with my sprites. Let's see if I paint this picture clearly.

    In Spriter, I have a group of 2 entities, each with their own animations. Now, I drag that .scml file into C2, and it creates an instance for each entity in the layout. Got that.

    Here's where it falls apart for me. The instance is controlled by the object type right? However, in the objects window, there is only one object. Now, it's my understanding that the object type controls which entity and animation the instance responds to, so the question is how to control multiple instances from only one object type?

    I've tried cloning the object type, and I get the message "The object type is filtering by objects on the current layout. The type you have just cloned won't appear until you place an instance of it on the current layout".

    But how to do that? There's already a second instance on the layout. What gives?

    I'm aware that Spriter to C2 functionality is still a work in progress, but it's so confusing to use right now that I'm completely lost and might end up just directly importing into C2 my animations to avoid such hassle. It's just way more complicated than a simple "drag and drop" as what it's painted out to be. Either that or I'm missing several steps somewhere else because finding consistent documentation on it is a maze in of itself.

    Sorry for the rant guys, but I'm pulling my hair out over these complications. If anyone can help or point me in the direction of some consistent resource material explaining what I need to know, I would appreciate it. Thanks everyone.

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