multiple instances of multi-event mechanics

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  • hello


    i got a moving platform going up and down

    that platform has a rotating block attached to it (like a swinging arm)

    the connections/links can be done via pin

    movement is done via bullet or simulated movement

    is there a way to place multiple instances of that swing-arm-platform mechanic without re-adding sprites and pin/movement events for each platform ?

    if i place 5 swing-arm sprites and 5 platforms - how would construct2 know which arm belongs to which platform

    thanks in advance

    much appreciated !

  • You could/should put them into container. The idea would be, that you place only the swing-arms, and at the start, platform would be generated for that.

    So you could do something like this if the elements are in same container:

    at start of layout

    ..for each swing-arm

    ... set platform position

    ... pin platform to swing-arm

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  • works !

    thank you !

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