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  • Hello community.

    First of all, I suggest a Multiplayer only discussion implemented, there is a ton of questions out there all over the place.

    Ok I dont think the multiplayer with it's signal server is correct for my usage. What I want to do is this.,

    Have a server that stores information such as players login, password, players life, location in game, players inventory such as money and items.

    Player logs on, server retrieves info, player has a fun time playing game.

    Game client connects to game server basically.

    I dont see this possible connecting to a "Signaling Server" ?

    Any suggestions, someone out there has had to run into this problem before but when you search, I come up empty. Maybe Im using wrong search wording???


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  • This topic discussed what are you looking for I think.

    The title is a bit off (actually it's the reply were off lol), so next time you might want to search post instead of thread.

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