Are there multiplayer demos somewhere?

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  • I've seen a lot of capx files in here on the forums for almost anything I could think of,

    and they've helped me a lot more than tutorials.

    Mostly because I can run the file on debug and mess with the values and see how that affects the game.

    I was wondering if there are some demos for chat rooms or real-time multiplayer there?

    If not, thanks anyway for reading this.


  • There are built-in templates for muliplayer and chatrooms. Just start a new project and use the template search function.

  • Oh that's perfect, thank you.

  • Is there any way to host my own signaling server?

    Or using wss:// is the only way?

  • martinx09

    I asked the same thing a few days ago with no responseI also fired an email off to Scirra last night, i will let you know if they reply!

    The online manual states that the Multiplayer object supports LAN games aswell as P2P so no need for servers.

    If it is not possible hopefully they will release an update allowing people to simply connect to another game using IP and port

  • I would like to know this also.

  • The singnalling server question. " Can I run my own singnalling server". The current answer is no. This is Ashley official answer. You don't need to wait. Just search for Singnalling server. It's been answer.

    The reason for this is that when they are ready Scirra is going to charge a small fee for the MP use at the higher Concurrent Connected Users(CCU).

    However it is possible that Scirra may license out the signalling server some day.

    In the mean time if your desperate you can reverse engineer the messaging system and make your own. But there is no access to the code.

  • I do wonder if this does not help:

    The Multiplayerplugin has a function called: "Add ICE Server"

    The the manual states:


    Add ICE server

    Add a custom Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) server used by WebRTC to establish connections between peers. There are a couple of built-in public STUN servers used, but you can also provide your own TURN servers to enable connectivity through certain kinds of NAT.

    anyone tried this? Have no time at the moment to check it out.

  • I am confident that Scirra will release a tutorial or software for a "host your own" Signalling server as the Multiplayer object has the connect function allowing you to enter a url for a signalling server.

    So they wouldn't just let you place a custom url unless they have plans for it, same goes for whatever an ICE server is.

    Still, it would be nice to just hear back from the scirra team with what the future development plans are for the multiplayer options.

    End of the day, i dont really want to have to rely on an external internet server to play a multi player game when ill most likely be playing it on LAN with my friends in the same room.

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  • *snip*

    End of the day, i dont really want to have to rely on an external internet server to play a multi player game when ill most likely be playing it on LAN with my friends in the same room.

    This is exactly what I want too. I hate thinking my game is going through a third-party (see: gamespy + dungeon siege 1, 2) it was a huge blow to me seeing that in the multiplayer demo.

  • We currently have no plans to run separate signalling servers. The server at is running on a high-end dedicated server with a gigabit connection. I don't understand why you would want to run your own signalling server for LAN games - if you are on the same LAN then WebRTC will still connect you directly to each other and the game data travels with virtually zero latency over the LAN. This already happens. No game data travels through the signalling server, it exists solely for peers to find each other, including identifying if users are on the same local network and taking advantage of that. It would seem to be to be a considerable inconvenience to have to configure and host a signalling server for a LAN game when it offers no benefit over connecting to the existing server!

  • Read the tutorials before you want to get helped. Introduction explains everything

  • Ashley

    Is C2 capable for supporting a serious RTS multiplayer game (2-8 players, UDP, NAT Punchthrough etc.)?

    Game is still in plans but i would like to know before we start... can it be done properly with C2 or should we look towards Unity etc.?

    Thank you.

  • irina - nobody has attempted such an ambitious project with the multiplayer feature yet, so it's not clear. I'd recommend building a small scale prototype and see how it works for you. It already supports UDP and NAT punchthrough though.

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