How do I move bullets at an increasing then decreasing speed

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  • In a game I'm currently working on, I'm trying to write an event for a "room-scrolling" object where it moves up 800 pixels when the assigned key is pressed. However, I also want the object to accelerate at first, then start decelerating halfway through, but still move exactly 800 pixels. I've tried this in numerous ways, but a few issues I've had are as follows: 1.

    The RoomScroll object does not move consistently with every run-through. It might move by a marginally different amount sometimes, but at other times it can get 10, 20, 50 pixels off, and I don't know why.


    It does not move exactly 800 pixels. It seems near-impossible to make it move exactly 800 pixels.


    The movement looks uneven. By this I mean that it seems to accelerate faster than it decelerates.

    If anyone has a solution to this problem or perhaps even a formula, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Hans the Red

    .capx file:


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