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  • None of the Cursor is over object events are triggering with WebGL enabled. Is there a workaround for this problem?


    I guess you could make an invisible object follow the cursor location and detect the collision. That seems like a messy fix for something so simple. If that's the case I will just disable WebGL.

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  • Mouseovers are working fine for me with WebGL on. Can you post an example?

  • Okay here is a simple project file. I tested it in 4 browsers. It does nothing in latest FF and Chrome. In Opera it only does half the actions and in IE it actually works.

    I updated to catalyst 11.11 and I'm running Windows 7 64bit.

    I found the problem. I'm running two 6850's in crossfire mode. I had a strange feeling it had something to do with that. Once I disabled crossfire mode it works as intended.

    Disabling crossfire only fixes it in FF. It is still Broken in Chrome and Opera.

    C2 sh*ts itself if you have it open when you enable/disable crossfire. I have to close it from task manager.

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