Monetizing your app (Android)?

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  • What is your favorite ad network to use on your apps for the Android marketplace?

    • Favorite ad network:
    • CPM (Cost Per Thousand):
  • If you are using CocoonJS you are pretty much stuck with Mopub, though most use Admob published through Mopub. If you are using Crosswalk, there is no official ad support yet, but I have read that Leadbolt + iFrame Plugin works with it.

  • I use Admob through Mopub and get on average at least 5 Cents every time someone clicks the ad.

    The actual price varies. 3/3/2014 3 Clicks $0.19 3/4/2014 0 Clicks $0.00 3/5/2014 2 Clicks $0.42

  • Bremen, have you considered per view (CPM) versus per click?

  • For the past month I have been averaging around $2 per 1000 impressions. Using AdMob via MoPub.

    Some days it went as low as 0.74, and others, as high as $4, it varies a lot.

    I notice a pattern, one day high CPM, next day low, day after that high, then low. It kinda alternates. My theory is the Ads aren't "new enough" on the 2nd day, and if ppl already seen/click on it, they wouldn't do it again, until more "new Ads" are shown. I have nothing to base it on, just a hunch.

    As for income, just recently released some games and now starting to earn enough to pay a few bills. Not too bad, hopefully it keeps on growing, and soon I'll have another good game out.

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  • Hey Silverforce, what games do you have in the marketplace? I wanna try

  • ... %20Studios

    I've released Ninja Legacy but have not devoted much time or $ to advertise/market it yet. I am waiting for Intel XDK and C2 to add official AdMob support then make it a free game with a smaller banner Ad and then start marketing it. My Flappy Sperm game is actually making decent $$ and growing and I didn't even advertise it! O_o

  • Silverforce. In mopub, I only see $0.05 CPM. How do you get $2 CPM?

    Also, does your payments come through to you from admob or mopub?

  • I'm new to this, and I want to learn more so I've signed up for MoPub because it seems the be the clearest path. I was wondering if anyone would be able to answer a few quick questions though.

    Is there a difference in CocoonJS and Crosswalk as far as add support goes?

    How easy is it to add the actual banners? I assume C2 has an option on export for a banner much like the options for HTML5 exports but I've never tried it. Do I just past a code some place?

    Sorry for the newbie questions.

    Thank you.

  • Hi there. I also need a little help. With Mopub. I keep getting Mopub test ad. I did everything in the tut that is posted here. But it's still appearing. Am using admob with mopub.

  • I got the test ads too originally. My mistake was that I setup admob and mopub incorrectly. Make sure in mopub to set publisher id to your ad unit I'd from admob - not publisher id. To get this you need to have banner setup in admob. Did you do this?

  • Oh man you just saved me, i don't think i would've figured this out as i have been trying to solve this problem for the past day and it was getting frustrating, in the tutorial it tells you to put your publisher ID where the Publish ID section is, which kinda makes sense, but now I put the banner Id instead and it works thank again

  • TheSynan

    I dont' know what Crosswalk is. I just used CocoonJS because it has the HTML 5 "accelerator".

    You mean add actual banners to your game or create banners to promote on other people's games. You don't export for a banner, but you input the banner ID into Ludei when you export your APK.


    I received test ads originally as well.

    1. Did you create a banner in Admob?

    2. Did you put Admob banner ID into Mopub?

    3. Did you put in Mopub Banner banner ID into Ludei?

    I put my MoPub Banner AdUnit into Ludei Services > Ads and exported my apk from there. It took me two hours to figure out and kinda confused how I got here.

    Admob sends banner ID to mopub and mopub to ludei

    Admob > Mopub > Ludei

  • I got it working. Just how you said. I just had to wait a little. Thank You!! for the reply.

  • You have to create the banner ad in mopub using the admob. If all you have is the mopub test banner in mopub, that's all you're going to get.

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