How Do I Monetize in CocoonJS?

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  • I can see the option that we can add ads placements in C2 with the CocoonJS element, but how do I actually monetize the game with CocoonJS?

    Because I want to release my games for free on Android market but I don't want to do that if I can't monetize it and I really don't want to sell a paid app.

    Thanks in advance

  • Yes, i have the same question. Will this feature be appearing on the next build?. As saturated as the market is, the best choice to make a mark is either with IAP or ad revenue. I understand that we are a bit away from enabling In App Purchases in C2 due to server restraints but ad intergration should be possible. Will this be an C2 feature only or work in conjuction with cocoon only. Thanks in advanced...

  • This is a really interesting point for me too.

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  • Same here

  • I'd hate to be another "me too"... but me too. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • one more answer for me :)

  • Any update on this?

    Anyone with experience putting ads in their game using cocoon or any other way?


  • hmm, i think Ludei Cloud Compiler must have option to compile the HTML5 project to Android structured (Eclipse) Project like they do for structure (Xcode) iOS project.

    So, we can customize the source code and build ads or IAP for our Android Games/Apps.

  • I emailed Ludei a few months ago asking this same question after doing a little poking around on their wiki and found this page, their reply was that everything on their extensions will be presented in their documentation.

    I'm guessing once you sign up with a compatible ad network you'll be able to put your account information in their template once it's time to compile your project.

    And I also remember seeing something somewhere about needing to sign up for their 'premium' option to be able to implement ads and IAP with basic compiling being free. I'm going to need to double check that though.

    Hopefully things will be up to snuff within the next month or so because I'm VERY interesting in their dev environment.

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  • If CocoonJS cloud compiler will deliver an Android file system that drops into Eclipse that would really get it flying. I assume the planned ad integration will use the script calls in the index.html file, which now contravenes adsense terms of service and can get your account shut down if you use it in html5 apps.

  • Hello,

    The cloud compiler is still a very early product and we are working hard to make things available to the developers. Right now there are two types of users of the Ludei cloud platform:

    a) Normal users: These users just want to get their app in the markets and test the platform. There is no access to complex extensions like ads or IAPs.

    b) Premium users: These users have access to all the extensions in CocoonJS. This option is for free too but we are trying to keep it for developers developing more serious projects that have thought of ways of monetizing their apps using ads or IAPs.

    The cloud GUI changes for premium users where they can configure the ad networks they want using a JSON configuration file. Anyway, if you have a project that would like to use ads or IAPs, please, contact us so you can fill our form and check if you are elegible to be a premium user.

  • Really usefull information

    Thank very much

  • Its possible to put ads in android games from c2.

    I was loooking for the same few days ago. And couldn't find answer. You can monetize with cocoonjs only if you have there premium account. But at this moment, its up to them to whom they give the premium account. So I looked into another options i.e. Intel XDK and phonegapp.

    Unfortunately I searched only to found that intel xdk does not support ads right now either.

    Now the phonegap. I Read on some sites that phone gap has some plugin for admob.. When i looked into the web and there site for cloud compilation i found that they don't have the plugin either.

    But i managed to put admob ads on my android game. You can check the result here

    I wanted to try all the options so i managed to make a test game and see if i can monetize it on mobile. The ad fill rate is also good.

    Unfortunately i was not able to do it with the cloud complilation of either phonegap , cocoonjs or intelxdk. which i was preferring because i can get the apps for different platform at the same time with cloud compilation.

    But i was able to do it using android sdk, eclipse , phonegap sdk and admob sdk.

    if you search on web there are many references and tutorials that can tell you how to implement admob in phonegap with eclipse. But even with them i constantly struggled for week to do it properly.

    I downloaded eclipse classic.

    I found it much better to compile it myself because it gives me much better control over my application.

    And i can even customize some actions like if i want to disable back or menu key or make them do something else. And i did it with just picking up codes from tuts and reference. I am sure you can do the same if you want. Now it wont take me more than half-1 hour to compile my game properly.

  • Hi lionsera, can you help us, with a small tutorial

    tx in advance!

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