How Do I Monetize in CocoonJS?

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  • Same problem here; i finished my game after many months of work, it works great on CocoonJS. I want to put it free on the store but at least i would have Ads to monetize a bit, i asked for premium user extensions but there's no answer... So i tried XDK, the fps and graphics works fine on my Asus tf101, but the sound doesn't loop and doesn't work at all on my xperia U. In the end Phonegap didn't worth the try cause there's no sound plugin, no canvas boost, and my game is too big (20 mb). That's pretty sad and frustrating... Anyone knows some other way to export for android devices (my game is entirely touchscreen) from Construct2?

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  • Agreed with everyone above. Without any way to make money developers will get bored and move onto something else. Our games need some way of generating ad revenue, like the way Kongregate works.

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