How do I modify this (capx attached)

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  • Hi all,

    I have created the level select with stars file with the help of this tutorial

    Now i need to add some details to it. I am trying on my own but couldn't do it easily. So if I could get your help that would be awesome.

    I have two questions

    1. I need to have a "total stars collected so far" value in the levels page with no repeat

    2. Big doubt - In my game I have a simple points system. If player wins the game with just one arrow, he will receive 3 stars, If player wins the game with greater than 2 arrows and less than 5 arrows he will receive 2 stars and so on.

    How to do these. Capx attached. If you could work on the capx, million thanks.

    Thanks a lot in advance

  • I see downloaded 6 times. Somebody is trying to help I guess.

  • Here you go, i added a container btw.

    if you have any questions please feel free to ask me ;)


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  • Ah I see. This is what containers do....THankx What about the second question the one with the stars..

    And also how can i add all the container values (star counts), which has to be displayed in the corner of the layout. Because I don't even needed them to be visible on each of the level btn, coz stars are already there. I just need to calculate everything and show the total number of stars gained in the corner.

  • I don't really understand the second question, but here's the capx:


    you can pretty much exploit stars, i haven't figured out yet how to avoid that..

  • Thanks Wisdoms But there is a small issue:

    When I completed my level 1 with one star, it says Stars collected 1. If I play again the same level and complete with 3 stars it should not add that into the 1 already collected. It should just say 3 stars collected. (Forgot about the no of stars shown over the button, Just one total around the corner).

    About the second questions.

    Here the stars are gained when we click it, but in my test game which I am trying, Player gain stars if my player uses less arrows to complete the level.

    Even if you want to change the whole array system, doesn't matter. I focusing to use level unlock and star counts calculated.

  • You can do it with variables, it's something like this: Arrows > 2 Add 2 to Stars

    I'm sorry i can't help you further, i'm just a beginner too, you'll have to wait until someone more proffesional helps you

  • thanks anyways

    Anybody guys

  • Anybody else guys

  • I think this should answer your question 2.

    I've made modifications mostly in the level layout (that I renamed so that it makes more sense).

    See the attached capx made in r179 (link to r179 at the bottom of the page).

    I hope this helps, otherwise try to explain what you are after in a more detailed way.

  • Thanks for the response Kyatric but the stars are not showing properly. I even added something to work for the arrows. May be I am doing something wrong.

    For the Question 1: What Wisdoms posted second time was fine BUT a small bug. If I finish my level 1 with one stars, Total stars collected says 1 stars. Again if i play the "level 1" and finishes with 3 stars, It should shows as 3 stars, but it is adding with that previous 1 star and says 4 stars.

    For the question 2: I even added 3 new sprites, arrow 1,2,3 in your file. And given cmd says, if I click the arrow 1,set value arrow =1.but the stars are not changing. Just showing one arrow always.

  • Well post the current capx you're working with, it will make it easier to edit and add what you want.

  • First Question. Getting Total Star counts in the Levels Page. I have attached the current Capx file here. For more details check the attached file, Layout LevelMenu.

    I think the second issue was solved KYATRIC. I made some simple changes with your file.

  • It seems the video tutorial you're using shows a confusing way of using array, which makes it very complicated to achieve the total star count. This tricks and hacks does work work but it causes beginner to misunderstand on how the array should be used.

    There's no easy way to help you based on what you currently have except from restarting. However, I written a tutorial to show a proper usage of array at least, using your capx, go ahead and look at it.

  • Thanks Thanks for taking the time. This is going to help lots of beginners.

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