How do I modify this (capx attached)

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  • Thanks Thanks for taking the time. This is going to help lots of beginners.

    You're welcomed! It just that, there's a lot of question like this before repeatedly, somebody gotta put an end to it .

  • WebStorage Question with the above file:

    I am trying to store and restore the values from the above file. As I use the browser to test, once I refresh, the total collected stars is zero again. I wanted to save the data.

    I have tried using webstorage here. But it is not working properly.

    * I one which used "On start of layout" condition is to restore

    * and on the "Win level" condition, I tried to save the total collected stars.

    But it is not working.


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  • While saving to webstorage you create a string..

    To convert it back to a numerical value use int(webstorage.localvalue())..

    It might also be wise to add a subevent to check if webstorage exists before setting the global value, for else it could give unexpected results when first played..

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