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  • Hi I was wondering how to create a mario style worldmap where you can move around and play levels that you've unlocked. And once you're at a specific level mark, be able to warp to the level to begin play.


    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Thanks for the help :)

  • Activate grid snapping on C2

    On some points place a sprite you can name "node"

    create 4 boolean insance variable named 'E' 'S' 'W' 'N' (for East, South, West and North)

    For each node you have to manually set the following:

    if you can go right set E to true, else false

    if you can go down set S to true, else false

    if you can go left set W to true, else false

    if you can go up set N to true, else false

    Then each time your player character is on a node, and you push an arrow key, check if the node allows you to go that way, if yes, start moving the character and disable control until it reaches the next node.

    (setting things with the snap feature enabled help to have things properly aligned)

    Now for levels, you can add a second instance variable named 'level' which can old text. You set it for each node to nothing if shouldn't lead to a level, else you set it to the layout name holding your level.

    And then if the player character is on a node (not moving) and the player hit the "enter the level" control, AND node.level is not equal to nothing, then go to layout (by name) node.level

  • Thank you so much for the help. I will post again if I am having trouble.

  • I cannot seem to be able to find a way for the world map character to actually be moved without direct input. but it's also not giving me the exact result that i want (the way I'm doing it).

    and once the character sprite overlaps a node, how do i stop the movement?

  • "be moved without direct input"... well... In mario you have to press a button (direct input) to make mario move...

    To make him stop: if he overlap the node and he is moving -> stop him

    Once you have something on c2 you can share the capx too. It would probably be easier to pinpoint your potential mistakes.

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  • Oh I need this. I am excited to try and implement this technique tomorrow. Yann!

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