What makes the data of my app so large?

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  • I am saving only 39 items of which 32 are global variables while 7 are arrays as json:

    1st Array is 14 wide and 3 high

    2nd and 3rd Array are only 14 wide

    4th and 5th Array are 111 wide

    6th Array is 111 wide and 2 high

    and the 7th is 2 wide and 6 high

    So, is it normal for this data to take 40mb of space on a device?

  • nope, not at all! i


  • I minimized the 6th Array to width 12 and the data now takes 35MB.. This is really weird, that was the biggest of all arrays...

  • Anybody got an idea what causes this and how can I fix it?

  • Nobody?... :/

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  • How would someone know? Saving a empty 1,000,000 element array to json is ~ 6Mb. Setting each value to 1234567890 first will make the json 16Mb. So the size of the json will depend on what's in the array.

  • None of the arrays' elements is bigger than 1, it is either 1 or 0...

  • Maybe look at the json and see if anything is amiss?

  • I've looked at it, but I don't see anything wrong..

    Here it is:


  • That's all of it? I'm not clear what you have that's 40mb, but that isn't it.

  • Silly question, but are you sure you're looking at your app data and not the entire game itself?

  • That's all of it? I'm not clear what you have that's 40mb, but that isn't it.

    Yep, that's all of it. I'm confused as well, otherwise I wouldn't make this thread... (Btw, by reducing the size of one of the arrays, the data is now 35mb....)

  • I am now removing all data and then I save it again, and I don't know why but this reduced the data to 27mb. But that's still too much...

  • I have disabled the saving of data to LocalStorage in my project, and I've exported and tested it, and the data is now equal to 20MB, and I am not saving ANYTHING!

    Before this, I had exported the game without Crosswalk Webview and and with my data only, and the app data was 15MB..

    What the hell is going on? How can there be data when I am not saving anything?

    How do i fix this pls help

  • See where it says local storage?

    Other apps can save there, locally.

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