Major Paralax Issues

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  • OK.... I'm gonna kill my game if it's possible. lol

    was gonna share it yesterday only to discover this game breaking issue.


    player - Scroll to set

    Harts layar - paralax = 0,0

    (so I can see health and time/score)

    Grass Layer - 100,100 (only has Grass)

    Entity Layer - 100,100

    Background Layer - 30,30 (4depth feel)

    (Anchor on back tiled image)

    I have my background setup to 30,30 paralax and every time I go to fullscreen on my T.V I use for monitor. It's PERFECT 100%

    However when I go to anything else it's all screwed up?

    can up capx but is over 20 mbs fyi

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  • > Fair enough, i would like to say post your cap.x and i'll take a look but i have 0 experience at this point with multi screen support.


    > Best of luck figuring it out - make sure to check all the relevant posts re the issue (im sure your doing/done that already).


    I have checked EVERY post and every tut on paralax I must be missing something, because I can't get my background to stay in place or my trees object.

    I want my background and the trees to be 30,30 paralax so it scrolls slower then foreground, myself etc.

    But it will only show everything in proper place in fullscreen.

    please can someone check my capx and tell me what i'm doing wrong.

    My Game .Capx LINK

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