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  • Hi

    I've been using Construct for a couple of months now and so far it's been relatively straightforward. But now I'm completely stuck. The goal is simple...

    I want an enemy to walk right then after a random period stop and wait for a few seconds. Then either walk right or left repeating the entire cycle over and over.

    I've tried numerous ways but nothing works. Loops and especially While loops seem to be the problem and after hours goggling tutorials I can't find anything that explains them so it makes sense.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • I managed to get what you asked. I didn't use loops though, but the new timer behaviour. I'm not in any doubt there could be a better way, but here it is:


    Hope I was of any help

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  • Yes, Hoyer that was a big help, cheers!

    I tried something similar but with the 'wait' command, it didn't work. The Timer is new to me, I've been using the Construct 2 online manual as a guide and the Timer doesn't get mentioned (noticed you said 'new' timer behaviour, so the manual probably hasn't been updated yet).

    I'd still like to learn how to set out loops in the event sheet, so if anyone has links to a good tutorial can you post it, please.

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