How can I make a local multiplayer?

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  • How can I make a local multiplayer? (two players in a PC)

    This is the first time I post a post and I hope you understand, sorry for the bad translations.

    I want to make a camera that moves according to the characters, I already have a code that moves the characters but I need to know if you extended a way to make a dynamic camera.

  • The "Scroll to" Behavior is going to handle this for you. Put the behavior on every object you want the camera to follow and it will automatically find a middle point if it can. If objects are too far away it will still place the center of the camera in between them, but you'd need to manually add in some camera zoom features to fit the characters.

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  • Hi, take a look at my script;


    First you need to figure out positions of players, and get an extreme left, and extreme right position of players.

    Same with top/down.

    Left say, we have 4 players. Maybe PLAYER 3 is on the most left, that is OUR min_x value.

    Values -100 / +100 are the safe margins, so the characters are not exactly at the edge of viewport (you can remove it or change it to any other value)

    Last condition is setting a scale. As you can see, my layout is 640x360 px.

    "oczko" is an invisible eye/camera. It has the "Scroll to" behaviour.

    Don't hasitate to ask, if it's not clear enought.


  • haopl wow !, Thanks has worked for me but I need to know how I can set a maximum zoom point so that the camera stops expanding.

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