How do I Load A Separate Layout While Playing on a Layout

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  • I have a small story, I was watching Pokemon Diamond hacks when the hacker talked about how the Pokemon game preload and unloads areas when you walk into a new town by using triggers on the "ground" I was wondering if that is possible in construct 2?

    Which event would allow me to load another layout while I am in game, but not go straight to it until the player reaches a certain point?

    I will post a link below to the I'm talking about. (if Scirra lets me)

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    please help thank you

  • Ok! I was watching the video provided.

    From what I was watching it was not multi layouts but areas of a within a layout.

    I could be wrong but I have a demo that shows something like what they are talking about in the arcade.

    maze point and click style demo.

  • Ok i might have been wrong which would explain thing. Im going to check your demo out now

  • Hey carbincopy I tryied looking for your game but there isnt a search bar in the arcade (for some strange reason) if you could provide a link that would be very helpful

  • Hey carbincopy I tryied looking for your game but there isnt a search bar in the arcade (for some strange reason) if you could provide a link that would be very helpful

    Here is what it looks like in full size instead of how the game displays it.

    it is all one layout broken down to 400,400 blocks

  • Thank you HRA for the link that was very kind of you to help out like that.

    Carbincopy wow this is genius. I thought they were all different layouts but I didnt even think of doing this. Doing this way would allow me more flexibility with less loading (because i assume it take a lot more to load a whole layout).

    So i have a question, doing it this way does it load the whole layout and only render what the player sees? or its it in like a limbo, were parts of the layout loads as the player moves and unloads?

    The only reason i'm asking is because I want to make a semi-large mobile game and i know the processors on mobile devices cant handle alot at once.

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  • Ok! On start destroy all none used objects which reduces load and increases sys speed.

    If player is over tiledbg or overlapping trigger (sys create) objects at (area location)

    The only ones you don't destroy are ones that use persist as they store interactions

    such as in my Maniac Mansion Clone the Doors remember if they are open or closed.

    and Items in the interactive Inventory remember if I have collected them or used them.

    so if I leave the area of the screen they do not display where they started in the game, But where I last left them.

  • as for area that shows that is all up to you. I have a camera is set to center of displayed area even though all areas can be seen at the same time if I re-sized the window size.

  • Carbincopy thank you. this is a big help. I cant wait to start implementing this. Ill keep you updated on the project. ( I guess in the WIP folder in the forum). Thank you so much

  • Carbincopy Thank you so much. I'm glad you commented on this forum because i was thinking about this process all wrong. I'll keep you updated in the WIP folder. once I figure out a name for the project, Ill post the name here and talk about it in the WIP. Thank you so much

  • each area would be like a layout of it's own just inside one layout. You could use layers for each if so desired. but to reduce usage best to limit layers say BG, Game Field and UI (User Interface).

    if overlapping create or destroy as needed.

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