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  • I am loving the list as i know it will save me alot of time for the type of I guess you call an app.

    Let say i have two item in item one it will add 10 attack in the equip panel but let say i want to make item two to add 20 Attack. I do not want a grand total of 30 just the item value.

    question is here can i go about doing add/subtract, which i cannot get subtract to work.

    Or do i use variable to define value which i do not know how to use it.

    here how i have it: List select=0 -> Spawn this at container

                          using Overlap with container -> add 10

    Ive tried just about everything possible other then define variable set value because i want to have multiple item to add to the global variable

    If you need a reference to what style Try MOBA such as LoL Item style.

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