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  • Hello,

    I am trying to add a second level to my game and i am currently stuck.

    It seems that i must copy entire level 1, create level 2 and then apply my changes?

    Is there a way to have multiple event sheets for a sigle level?

    eg. one sheet for controlls and UI, other for enemies, third for background etc?

    So that when i go to next level i load only eg. next event sheet with background and enemies and my controlls sheet and UI sheet remains?


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  • Sure:

    Event sheets you can include as many as you want just right click in your main event sheet and choose "include event sheets"

    For layouts it is a bit more complex and there are many different ways to do that. I think for that some one else should explain it to you. I personally make Layouts with global sprites and move them just into my game.

  • Great... it seems that this is what i was looking for.

    As for layouts, if theres any example please someone point me to it.

    Thanks all!

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