How do I make a layout fade from Black into itself ?

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  • How can I make it start from Black and slowly into the actual screen without a big gigantic [or a even a small black tile background] covering the whole screen ?

    Which WebGL Behavior can do that ?

  • Why not use a layer and alter its opacity.

  • Thank you !

    With your suggestion, this is done

  • Thats a nice solution. In my case I actually use a sprite object with fade which I create or destroy depending on need. (usually because I have a sprite image between stages telling the user which stage theire going to I can even make some animations in the process before fading out the sprite. )

    The layer opacity solution is preety neat tho.

  • Oh your solution is Kick Ass too !

    But tell do you make the transition a smooth one ? You take a screen shot and use that screenshot as a sprite into another layout ?

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  • Toddler I use that for my single layout games. In which case I stop the game(time scale to 0), create the sprite (making its own time scale 1.0) trancision to black or from black depending on what I need. when its gone I continue the game. Since its the same layout it just flows the movement from where it was with the backgrounds changed and clean slate for enemies.

    However it is entireley possible for multiple layouts to do the following. At the end of your layout you create "Blacktrancisionsprite2" (which trancisions using fade behaviour to black ) when done(on fade-out finished) you just go to the next layout which would have the a "Blacktrancisionsprite1"(which trancisions from black to transparent (and is destroyed)

    Since the sprite is destroyed when fade out is done ... or by command if you want you make sure its out of memory (if your game is dependant on that) Also since its just a black square it doesn't need to be too big just scale it as needed in the layout.

    That's how I've been doing it altho I did like the layer solution I usually reserve my events for things that are not usually included in behaviours already.

    I hope my explanation helps a little.

  • I really like the time scale thingy

    I think I will use it soon

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