How do keystores work with Crosswalk?

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  • I'm confused about this. In the past using GameSalad I had to generate a keystore through the terminal (was done on mac). This created a custom keystore that I would use to sign my app.

    It seems that Intel manages the keystore with each build, but is that keystore unique to each build? how does it know because my concern is if I upload an app with one keystore and do an update with a new build that has it's own unique keystore, then I'm pretty sure Google Play and likely others will reject it.

    I thought someone here had experienced a similar issue on the forums but couldn't find the post. Does anyone know how this really works? I have a game that's ready to publish, but I want to be sure I'm doing it right.



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  • bump, this seems like it would be a very serious issue anyone could face if they want to update an app on the google market or possibly any other android market for that matter..

    my understanding is the keystore file is much like the mobileprovision seen in iOS apps.. this is unique to the app and I'm concerned that the keystore in each new build is not

    I know under the "Application title" you put package name.. perhaps this is what is used to generate the keystore and thus it is constant as long as this package name doesn't change. Is this what others have experienced? Has anyone else posted an update?

    I just want to be sure I understand this before I upload something to the store and hit a problem doing an update.

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