Keep music playing on mobile while ap is minimized

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  • Greetings! Is any way to make construct 2 keep play music on mobile devices when u minimized/hid app? And how make it if its possible? Maybe you can advise me plugin which does it.. Thanks for attention x)

  • pause on unfocus in the project settings might do it.

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  • Well, doesnt work. And if u check description from official tutorial, it seems like it shouldnt:

    Pause on unfocus

    If set to Yes, the preview will pause when the browser window loses focus, e.g. when switching back to work in Construct 2. This can be useful for certain workflows such as using continuous preview. If set to No the preview will continue to run even without focus, but note switching to another browser tab or minimising the browser window will still pause(as it does with published projects).

    Anyway tryed both modes: yes/no. Exporting through CocoonJS.

  • No solutions? :(

  • Pretty sure that people don't want this function as they usually minimize when getting a call, etc... or playing a video or music which would really get annoying if your game sound was still going. Unless you are trying to make a how to annoy people app... just sayin...

  • And what about music app?^^

  • If you think that HTML5 and construct is the best tool for making a music app, go for it... not really what it is optimized for as the HTML5 web audio API isn't anywhere near as robust as other languages/platforms. You should use the tools that are right for the type of app you want to create. I am not saying you couldn't make a music player in construct 2, but you don't have the type of flexibility to make it work the way you want in HTML5.

    You are also not going to be able to add a lot of the features that would make it better than any other music player out there. If you want to make a successful app, you need to have something that works well and has features that are not in the competitors, I just don't see that happening with a music player created in Construct 2...

  • I didnt say i wanna make audio player. I just wanna have function in it which make play music in minimized mode when i need it, . And this discussion is offtopic, i wanna know how make it and not why i shouldnt ^^

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