It's 2014 & still no IAP, Facebook, Leaderboard integration

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  • I have a pro CocoonJS account. So, I have access to their advanced extensions.

    There seems to be no option in Construct 2 to implement this. I'm completely lost.

    Is it possible to integrate Facebook sharing, leaderboard, in app purchases (Google Play Game Services, Apple Game Centre) using CocoonJS in Construct 2?

    If not then, is there any other export option using which I can do this? Can crosswalk do this?

  • Bump... anyone?

    I have been looking for an answer for years (literally)

  • I would like to add that I have been hammering my head on wall for years searching for this... I have invested time, money and hard work on a game for years and all of it proved to be a waste... I have come across hundreds of threads asking about these essential features both in scirra forums and other forums, and they seem to get no replies. We have hundreds of threads asking for this but no solution, no replies... why don't people reply, do they don't know? And those who know.. want to keep it as a secret: there are no tutorials to demonstrate how to implement these features (If I have to code then its okay with me, I don't need to stick to drag and drop)?

    And the threads get just one insanely repeated answer 'wait, they are working on it'. Honestly, i am fed up of this, every time someone says something against them (Ludei or other third party developers) we get the same reply 'they are a small company providing free service'. Well I don't need free service and most companies including Ludei is funded by VCs. If you can't get the basic features up then maybe it was my mistake to dream that construct 2 is capable of creating real games. Maybe it will always remain a prototype tool and nothing more.


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  • It hasn't even been a single day. CHILL OUT.

    I'm not sure about facebook but I've heard of people attempting leaderboards but it sounds quite complicated.

    Also I have heard of people exporting to IAP but its a long several step process.

  • I have seen an IAP option but I never used and Facebook. Development does take time when its a team of two and it also take money.

  • Same here. It's been a year for me to find those thing. My conclusion is : we can't do the basic and powerful things that the native can, like adding leaderboard, Game Center, SNS sharing, etc. I'm just giving up to make things for mobile. Yes, it's 2014 and we still don't have those basic features. Sadly, not that many people cares about it.

    Crosswalk is based on Chrome browser engine, so I wonder it could support them even after it's fully developed. Probable solution is the upcoming new CocoonJS Plugin but no one can say when it'd be released.

  • izicial It's okay if it is a long and complicated process; what is not okay is that there are no documentation / tutorials regarding this.

  • IAPs work fine for Android and iOS with C2 and CJS. Apple's Leaderboard also works.. but currently no Google Play services.

    There is a definite lack of official documentation, I feel the devs focus primarily on desktop support and mobiles are a side-quest if you will. But the community have made excellent tutorials to get those features to work. I've used them myself in my games on Android.

  • Is there any documentation about this? If not, can you explain the process?

    Google Play has documentation regarding leaderboards, achievements and IAPs in Web Games. -> ... aderboards

    Is it possible to manually implement it in C2 games?

  • Yes you can manually implement the API if you can code JS and make a plugin for C2. Otherwise hope Scirra do an official update of their own to support the leaderboard and achievement features. As I've said, IAPs work fine currently.

    Tutorial here: ... g-cocoonjs

  • thesecretweapon

    Same problem here...

    I solved FB & TW sharing and iOS Game Center works with Ludei but were stuck on Android... theres no solution for Android leraderboards...

  • Which version are you using?

  • To my understanding from other posts, the Facebook leaderboard integration is only possible if you've created the game for Facebook as well. It then allows you to add the functionalities by linking your mobile game to your Facebook game. I'll be attempting too see if this is correct over the next few weeks. Will keep you all updated on the entire process.

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