How do I... make sure Tiled tmx files work?

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  • OKAY... this is going to sound a little crazy, and it's a long story.

    So basically, I'm recreating a game from another engine. This game uses tilemaps, which is cool. It used specific .layer files to generate its levels, but these files are little more than big CSV files: each space in the tilemap has the appropriate number for the tile sheet grid. I'd like to import this CSV into Construct 2, but it seems that tilemaps only work with .tmx files, using Tiled.

    Upon downloading Tiled, I can't find any place to import a map file, although there are tons of ways to export files. I figured the best way to get around this would be to create a dummy .tmx file, copy the CSV info into the appropriate section, save this new .tmx file, and import that. However, I get the "Check this file is a valid .tmx file" error message when I try to import it into C2.

    I guess I have two questions:

    1. Is there a way to easily import a CSV into Tiled so that I can export a valid .tmx file from Tiled and bring that into C2?

    2. If there isn't, what constitutes a valid .tmx file? How can I manipulate a .tmx file correctly so that it will be grabbed by C2?

    The main thing I'm trying to avoid is doing the same work twice. I have the numerical tilemap data, I want to use it!


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  • You need to know map height and width (in cells) and edit these tags in tmx file. Also, the number of values in csv data should equal height*width


    If you can't fix it yourself, please share your files, I'll give it a try.

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