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  • I tried to set the "Samson" font for my game but it only works on my pc because it has the font installed.

    When I upload the game to GameJolt it just uses Arial.

    I uploaded the font to dropbox (yes it's public) but it seems it doesn't even pay attention to the CSS URL because if I type like "SquareFont"

    It displays the SquareFont which isn't in Dropbox.

    This is the CSS URL I used:


  • You'd better post your complete capx for this to see exactly how and where you set the webfont to be loaded (ie: is it in a "On start of layout" ?)

    I'm also not sure that dropbox is the most appropriate for this usage.

    You'd rather probably try to make your css file a project file.

    Perhaps this tutorial might be of help too.

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  • System: On start of Layout

    [Set web font stuff: "Samson" ""]

    That's what I did.

    And I already read that tutorial like 3-4 times.

    Maybe the project file thing will work, thanks

    Now I'm just doing some weird stuff with sprite fonts

  • The CSS file is not everything that's required, right ? There need some access to some .ttf file and whatnot.

    This is something that dropbox won't provide, as it would require public links to those files as well.

    And that's why providing ALL the files directly with the project sounds like a better idea.

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