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  • Hiya

    Has anyone experimented with the c2 "fullscreen" settings along with the cocoon project settings? There are so many combinations and not sure which are best.

    Put simply: I want to scale as much as possible but keep aspect ratio and support portrait/landscape.

    In c2 I've picked "letterbox scale".

    In Cocoon I've picked "portrait", "landscape left", "landscape right", and also "Scale to fit".

    This works fine in browser, but on phone it's showing the image snapped to the left and a big border to the right. I'd expect the image to be centered and two black lines down either side.

    I'd like to try "Scale" in c2 but in the browser this seems to show sprites that would otherwise be hidden off the right side, don't want that to happen.

    Has anyone found the sweet spot with these settings and if so can you share? :)


  • silkc2

    I've been playing with similar settings, Although I've not found the 'sweet' spot as you put it, I have found a workable form.

    I'm running a window width 640 x 360, my layout however is much larger.

    I have my computer set to 1920 x 1080 (resolution )

    When exporting to HTML5 I use scale and make sure all the scale rates are set to 100

    When exporting to cocoonJS the scale is set to 0

    Its not perfect but it is full screen. Having major issues with Ipad Retina display though.

    I'm eager to see what others add here as well

  • I'm confused over how you can run a smaller window size than your layout, if I do that then preview, it scales the "window size" to fit the browser window so anything on the bigger layout isn't shown.

  • 0.o

    I must have my terms mixed up.

    Window size = viewport (what is displayed on screen)

    Layout size = map/level (what is off screen that can be scrolled to)

    By having a smaller window size my player is able to explore the level without seeing all of the level

    *edit for spelling mistakes <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Ahh makes sense.. mine is a single screen game. :)

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  • Hmm, is it possible to for you to increase the layout width (so the player can see a little more on larger screens) but the objects you dont want the player to see to be moved further away?


    If your shooting at the player off screen, move the object that is shooting further away from the layout so the player can't see them even on a larger screen?

  • Yeah I can get around the "crop browser" issue by something like that.

    I think my main mistake is I was designing to a 4:3 ratio, have changed that to now work towards a widescreen ratio (16:9).

    The issue though is that it isn't centralizing the image on mobile when according to my settings it should be. And it works ok in browser.

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