Issue with using both "Tint" and "Water Background" effects

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  • Currently my game uses the Tint as a layer effect for slightly changing the colors when a room is "dark", additionally, some of my rooms are "flooded", and anything under the Y position of the water line is layered underneath a Tile object that uses the Water Background effect to create a ripple distortion.

    Individually, these 2 effects work perfectly.

    However, in rooms that are both "dark" and "flooded", objects underwater exhibit a weird, unintended double-image effect to them. In this case, one of the double images has both the Tint and the Water Background effect applied correctly, but the second double image only has the tint applied. If it helps, the second image that does not have the Water Background effect applied always appears behind the correct version.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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