Issue with pinning to imagepoint (also with plugin)

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  • Hiya,

    currently I have:

    I have trigger once otherwise it'll spawn infinite Fire and BomberSmokeBlack particles. Anyone know how to spawn it just that one time but not one time ever?

    Anyway, the problem is that both the Fire and BomberSmokeBlack particles always spawn on the origin point of the object B17. Even though I set it to imagepoints which are not center point at all.

    However, it does spawn the particles correctly when I set the B17 health to 50 or less initially.

    I managed to recreate the pin to imagepoint without using the plugin, before I started using the plugin, and I had the exact same result; it only spawns the two particles Fire and BomberSmokeBlack when B17 health is set to 50 or less initially.

    Thanks. - R

  • I set up the same logic and it works fine for me, pinned to the imagepoint without error.

    Also, did you notice that you are spawning the bomber on imagepoint 4 but trying to pin it to imagepoint 5? Is that intentional? Part of the problem might be that if image point 5 does not exist, it will use the origin.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I have still not found out why it doesn't work in my project.

    It was supposed to spawn on imagepoint 5 indeed, it did exist, it was an error of mine.

    I decided to take another approach and pin the Smoke to the B17 from the start, and make it invisible untill it needs to be visible. It looks less subtle ingame, but at least it works.

    Still wondering what the heck the problem is, it's supposed to work as you said.

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  • Forgot to ask, do you have any other particle logic anywhere that creates it, spawns it, sets its position? Maybe that's overriding it.

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