Issue with CocoonJS Launcher.

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  • Hello,

    Today I wanted to try to run my game with CocoonJS launcher on my android phone to see if I could get some additionnal FPS compared to Crosswalk.

    I made a .zip for CocoonJS with Construct 2 with "minify Script" unchecked, I uploaded this .zip on my dropbox and I entered the Link in CocoonJS Launcher. Then when click "canvas+" a blackscreen comes with a 60 FPS and I get the following message :

    "Could not find anything to be executed. If you are using a zip file, please, verify that the main HTML or JS file is in the root of the zip file [...]"

    Is there something I am doing wrong ?

    I am using C2 beta r175 and a ARM phone on android 4.1.1.

    Thanks you!

  • bump ?

  • The way I do it is by using

    It is software that lets you wirelessly 'beam' contents from your computer to your android phone (like zip files for instance).

    After setting up an account just go to the portal and open up your file folder and drop in the .zip file and it will appear in the cocoonJS Launcher on your phone!

    I guess you can also use dropbox but this way seems a little bit easier to me.

    Hope that Helps!

    Edit: Of course make sure you install the airdroid app on your device


  • Klyde I had the same problem once.

    Hope this will help -

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  • Just download the .zip on your device and move it in the root folder. Next time you open cocoonjs>your cocoonjs, it should be there since it's automatically searching for .zip in the root folder. Select it and press canvas+. Good luck!

  • Thx I got it working that way ! But now I get a new error, it seems like the multitouch plugin is not supported by cocoonjs. I 'll go back to crosswalk !

    Thx guys !

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