How do I insure a plugin is fully removed (won't go away)

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  • Hi there,

    So I have a project i'm trying to share with someone. the first problem seems to be that i gave him the folder for litetween and he put in in there and the project would still fail to see it's in there..

    So then I thought, fine i don't really need the plugin (had one call that could be replaced with fade) so I did so.. i went through each object in the objects folder and there are no behaviors installed of litetween except the one and removed it and saved as a new capx..

    then when i remove the litetween plugin from my behavior folder close c2.. reopen it.. it says i don't have it installed.. i don't know what else i can do to purge a plugin.. is there some other place in a project where a plugin/behavior could be called on that would still make a project require it?

    i see it still in the c2runtime.js file as you can see here:

    search for "litetween".. it has the default easeinandbounce setting which is pretty telling and not what i would have used in this game.. so it feels like maybe something SOMEWHERE got tagged with this behavior.. but going through all of the objects in the objects folder hasn't shown me any others except the one i found and removed..

    Any thoughts? Where is this phantom litetween call / inclusion coming from?



  • If you save your project to a folder and then open the .capproj file it will list the plugins and behaviors used. It also lists all the object types and the behaviors they use. Search the file for litetween to see where it's used in your project. Then you can go back into C2 and remove it from there.

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  • awesome that did the trick.. i now see how it happened (i think).. the object that had the plugin.. was one that i wasn't using in the game.. so when clicked on it it had very little in the property field to the left.. so yea that explains why when i scanned each object in the folder i didn't see anything with "Behaviors / litetween"



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