How do I insure music loops well for android/crosswalk

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  • Hi everyone,

    So I have music (wavs) that I have edited that loop perfectly.. however i realize that often music likes to be compressed into mp3 and other formats that don't loop seamlessly..

    My latest build with Crosswalk experiences a slight (but very jarring) hiccup when looping. iOS by way of Ejecta is near flawless (certainly not jarring), so I'm just wondering if there are any options for publishing for Android that would allow a smooth looping audio clip?

    I know mp3 is definitely flawed for looping. I believe ogg is capable of seamless looping.. and i guess m4a (assuming that's what iOS uses).

    are there any options to address this? it feels very unprofessional / cheap to have such a simple problem occur breaking the flow of the game.. the one workaround i might explore is making the songs loop longer, but this comes at a cost of making the game much larger.

    Any tips / advice appreciated.



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