How do I import an object.

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  • My classmate and I are working on a project together using construct 2. He has been making a player sprite with animations and I have been working on a level layout. Is there any way to import his player sprite so i can use it on my project?

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  • drag sprite on C2 window


    double click on level layout... add sprite

    double click on sprite and you have animations and icon to import

    • create a sprite by right click on the resources folder "object types".
    • double click on the sprite to edit it and create animation, set origin points and collision box, etc.

    or you can select all images (in your explorer window) you want a animation and drag'n'drop it to a layout of c2.

    just easy and awesome

  • Thanks for all the replies! My friend and I have been collaborating on a project for a game design class. We have actually implemented GitHub as our source control so that we are working on the same project files. At first we thought we would be able to work on different files and just transfer the objects back and forth. We kept running into problems when trying to do this. For instance I was working on the level design and he was creating our main character sprite with all his animations and objects. Trying to transfer just the folder with the sprite in it wasnt working for me, and its seemed the only way was to use his img files and recreate the sprite. Im sure the methods suggested here will work well if you are trying to do a group project. However we have found using github has been way more beneficial since we know that we are working on the same files and dont have to worry about conflicting issues.

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