How do I import layouts from other c2 project?

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  • Hello scirra community,

    I'm doing a game with my team, but we are having a hard time importing layouts from each other's pcs. Why split the work between people, so one got level design and other got into the programming stuff. Now we have 2 layouts (one with the level, the other with the code) and we are having a hard time turning both into one layout.

    We saved both projects as "project folders" (for collaborative development).

    Is there something we're missing here?

  • There's normaly no "automatic" way yet.

    Open both project in a single instance of C2 (open programming first, then level design).

    You can copy the objects to your recipient project. (let's say level design into programming)

    Make sure you copy all objects from Level design's layout, have the correct names etc.

    Then go in the event sheet of level design select the events (making sure all the objects required are created in the recipient project (audio, mouse, keyboard, sprites with correct names/instance variables, etc...)).

    Copy them, paste them in the recipient event sheet.

    Make sure that objects have different names in the project (so that you won't try to copy an instance of a sprite named Player with an instance variable "Health" onto a Sprite instance Player with an instance variable "Name" for example).

    Local variables may need to be done in the recipient project manually, before copy/pasting events (a yellow tooltip should let you know about this "difference of variable scope", something like that).

    It can be tedious (depending on the quantity of objects/events) but for now, this should be the road to take.

    It depends on the setup of your project.

    In the end, it might be easier to copy the events from programming into level design (considering sprites in programming are supposed to be placeholders whereas level design has the correct animation frames).

    As said earlier, just make sure that the objects the events are refering to are already present in the destination project/layout.

    I hope it helped.

  • I just realised I never responded this post.

    Thanks Kyatric! It's a lot of work but works well. In time, this will be much easier =]

  • is there ever going to be an easy way to copy events and layouts with their assets into another project?

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  • I have this same challenge too, its quite hectic having to copy and paste objects and events. For me, if u don't copy the global variables first, the other events won't copy (so u can't simply copy and paste all at once). I hope scirra looks into this soon

  • Another issue is everything copies into one layer (for the layout) if u want to do all at once

  • Yes, it's hard especially when you have everything set just the way you want it. A function like this would make adding other levels much easier.

    Just copy, change a few things and you just made level 2 and made it a little harder.

    Hope to have this soon, but still an amazing program.

  • ALLMarkMade

    hi m8! In your case, wouldn't just duplicating the layout work (inside the same project)?

  • yes it would and I thank you I was just reinforcing the point and mentioning that as well. I was not sure if either were possible at the time of the comment.what


  • I just managed to do that outside Construct, but cannot guarantee if there will not be any problems (have not tested it yet) so create a backup.

    2 steps:

    1. In project directory there is directory "layouts". You have to copy XML file of desired layout (t is called same as layout), from project you want export from to target project.

    2.You have to edit .caproj file of your project. Find "<layout-folder>" and below you will see all existing layouts. Here you have to add new line with new layout, composed same way as other layouts.

  • It seems to work fine for now.

  • I'm sorry I have some trouble to understand the different way to do all these ideas or anyway, it does'nt work for me.... I tried to copy and paste folders manually in the windows explorer directly but my Main game doesn't recognize them at all. More, I don't know how import the objects (animation folder) properly.

    BUT... I was thinking : how about Open our Main Project, and then, inside it, open the external project (in .capx or

    in .caproj) ? I tried and all the external layouts are appearing in my main project. My main game seems to work, but I couldn't tried evrtything because I have to adjust some things.

    But... does someone could confirm me this way could work too ?

    Else, what is the better way to import objects at least ?

    Thx for your help

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