still image after displaying achievements (GPGS)

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  • I am having a problem with the "phonegap game" plugin.

    Displaying achievements and leaderboards (Google Play Game Service) works fine,

    but the problem is: when I go back to the game, the game image freezes (the sounds and the actual game continues).

    So the screen is still (not updating anymore), but from the sounds, I can hear the game is still playing. Even touch input is still working.

    (My game is uploaded to the Play Store)

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    How can this be solved??


    I have tested it on 2 different mobile phones, from 2 different users, with android 4+ and 5+.

    Unfortunately the display also stops refreshing (sound and game itself continues) after leaving the achievement- or leaderboard screen.

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  • Hi, i have the same problem. Did you find solution?

    Meanwhile i put it into KNOWN issues in my game description...

  • I have strange solution. If this happens try to change volume by side buttons on your device, the screen will refresh...Dont know how to repair this automatically...

  • I used another layout to display achievements or leaderboards

  • any other solution? strange is that if you got stuck, you can unstuck it by touching volume side buttons...

  • Hi, same issue here.

    mumu64, how did you solved this by using another layout ? The only thing I get is that the game freeze on that new layout.

    I use 'On resumed' event from the 'Browser' object to go back to the original layout.

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