Idle facing right and Idle facing left

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  • I want to use 2 idles but i dont use mirroring or flip becuase the character is having a sword on the rigth hand so i made two idles , one when is finishing running left and one after running front.

    So I do as a tutorial and use on plataform stopped , but is using the front idle and when i run left it uses same front idle so how do i resolve that for the character when runing left will use idle 2 whne ifnishing running ect?

    I appreciatte any help

  • You could simply give the character a variable storing which direction they are facing. Then when setting the idle animation, check the variable.

  • This is made graphically without me coding ? thi sis supposed to be design for almost no use code . simple using event sheet im looking to do it

  • You could do as following:

    Make a second sprite for the hero, name it "HeroIDLE" or something, give it the 2 IDLE sprites as animation, right on frame 0 and left on frame 1 with 0 Speed so the sprite won't play an animation, make it invisible and make an event as folloing:

    "HeroIDLE" set position

    X: Hero.X

    Y: Hero.Y

    Tis way the idle hero will always be at the same possition as the hero sprite

    Now the magic trick: When you need the hero to become IDLE toggle it visibility to "Invisible" and HeroIDLE visibility to "True" and set HeroIDLE on frame o or fram 1 depending on wich direction the "Hero" was facin before turning invisible!!

    Hope youu understand me =)

  • This is made graphically without me coding ? thi sis supposed to be design for almost no use code . simple using event sheet im looking to do it

    From your question, I assume you have not gone through all the beginner tutorials. Instance variables do not require any code. On the right side of the screen, locate the objects menu. Right click on the object and select instance variables. From the menu that pops up, you can create an instance variable. Then, in your conditions that define which animation to play, add a condition that checks the value of the instance variable.

    To get more information about instance variables look here: ... onstruct-2

    The section of the beginners tutorial that goes over instance variables is page 6 linked below ... t-2/page-6

  • Thank you Frag and im trying in some minutes the thing told me both of you will check it out and tell you.

  • I erased this sorry

  • I erased this sorry

  • What im thinking what i have to do is....

    1) If i untouch left arrow wich has animation run backwards ,then animation idle2 beggins

    2) If i untouch rigth arrow wich has animation run foward , then animaiton idle1 Beggins

    This is the logic im thinking but im trying to put in the event sheet can some one help me? i know this in my mynd works but in the event?

  • I did as i thought but is not working , some one can help me get trough this?

  • Also like htis and didnt worked

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  • Here, hope this explains my theory.

    This way oyu could add individual animations for walking rght, walking left, idle right and idle left.

  • Look, you are making this WAY more difficult than it has to be. Part of the reason is, you still really need to go through the beginners tutorials. If you go through the tutorials, you shouldn't have this kind of question.

    Here is an extremely simplified capx. It shows how to make use of the instance variable to get your animation to play properly. There are only 3 events so you should be able to follow it easily.

  • Guys thank you i cannot spend the time i have on all tutorials becuase im a freelancer too and i dont have too much time , the time i have free im using to do my game , im also not a coder bu tryign to learn , i also do and search part of the tutorials and im learning fast but i cannot go trough all form the start downlaoding assets and trying out i always been learning by myself and i do very fast and well , so is bad that there is not such tutorial for the specified thing i need . but trust me a read and do tutorials

    I thank you two for the help i really appreciatte that , i want to learn and im learning sorry if this questions makes you a bit mad .

    will try those out you are very kind guys

  • Frag father i dont have the latest version you have of construct 2 bu t can open the version phanale gave me can you just make a screenshoot of the beheaviors and the variables on the sprites you have? sorry if this disturb you

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