Idle facing right and Idle facing left

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Awesome drifts on auto generate way,tap to steer right.
  • Here are the images:



    Now, as for your previous post; I haven't said anything that should imply I am "mad." I came to this post to try to help you and my comments about going to the tutorials are just that. A desire to help you complete your project.

    You stated in your post that you don't have the time to go through the tutorials and, in this, your thinking is flawed. The tutorials will take a couple hours to read and follow but, they will answer a myriad of questions you will have before they even come up. This one question for example, you posted yesterday 3 separate times as separate topics about an hour between each (which I might add is really bad forum etiquette). Now, you are still trying to work through the answer, more than 24 hours later. A couple hours of reading through the provided documentation could have saved you a day.

    I am sorry if my comment made you think I was in any way angry about your question. In truth, my time is too precious to waste getting mad at people who want to learn. I simply was trying to help you save time by directing you to a place where you can find answers without having to wait for another user to respond.

  • father its ok i posted first and i erased becuase it was badly posted in the title what i wanted to mean , its ok to make mistakes , I posted in the begginers topic becuase meaby i was making some one mad there becuase MEABY it was a question for be made in a forum that its more for begginers so i think you miss understood .

    I think this thing happend when you are new in a forum hehehe its ok

    Thank you very much . I also dont have time also to be angry ...i really appreciatte your help thats a fact.

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  • Father this works with touch? becuase im making it for android not keyboard

  • So here is the solution AND was in the first place what i was thinking (logical) , but i only needed one step , always the more simple solution is the best is the solution for those that migth get this problem. ANED TO BE WORKED WITH TOUCHING AWESOME!

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