How do I identify certain family item?

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  • Hello,

    I need some pointers here.

    I have several cloned objects that i'w set into one family.

    I need to somehow identify selected object (with touch controll) in order to set certain rules for their interaction.


  • Your question is missing some details. Under what conditions do you want to identify (or pick, more accurately) these objects? What certain rules do you need to set?

  • Well i need something like this.

    When touch/drag to identify this object (A) so that i can set event

    when he (A) is dragged and is overlaping second object (B) to be dropped and at the same time that second object (B) is to be moved to starting position of (A) object automaticaly.

    i have 4 objects in line that are dragable only on X axis and when i drag one that he switch places with one next to him.

    eg. when street hustler has 3 matchstiks boxes and shuffles them.

  • Use Instance variables if you don't know how to then try this instance variables tutorial

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  • When you use "ob object touched" it already "picks" that specific object for you. Under the events of this condition, you will exclusively be manipualting this single object, not the whole family.

    The difficulty you are facing now is actually very important because it's a door in c2 that when you open, you get +5 levels or so:) It's called "picking", you should definately read about it in forums, in manual and watch youtube videos. Believe me, you will thank me later when you solve the picking with all aspects.

  • thanks guyz...

    ill look into "picks" becouse it looks like it's essential stuff for proper development.


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