[How do I] implement "Save To SD" with appMobi/C2

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  • Hi,

    as I need MultiTouch (or keyboard) for my game to work, I'll go with appMobi. Therefore I visited their site and community portal to search for info on "Save to SD". I couldn't find anything. A quick forum search for appMobi + "Save to SD" didn't yield anything here either...

    I think there should be a few people out there by now that have already finished a C2 appMobi game. Could you tell me/us what manual steps you had to make to implement Save to SD on android.

    [pre posting edit]

    I realized that directCanvas isn't yet released for android.

    1) Does the regular appMobi wrapper that uses the stock browser (without multitouch) have "Save to SD" support?

    If not, I'll have patience until directCanvas is released for android. I have good faith that it won't be long. ^^

    2) Does the iPhone have (or even need) a "save to SD" option?

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  • You have to edit the manifest file and put this code [     android:installLocation="auto"     ]

    (Basically set installlocation to "auto")

    and no iPhone doesn't have this option because it doesn't support external SD cards anyway.

  • cmr333

    thanks for the quick reply.

    Is there a way to determine or even influence, how much of the game is then installed to SD? I had mixed experiences with games from the android market. Some shrunk from 8mb to 780kb and others only went from 6mb to 3mb.

  • ModalCore

    Thats where the "auto" code comes in, android does that part it self (I don't know how it decides which files to go) other than that I have no idea because I haven't done this my self, I researched about this last month.

  • Ok, I'll have to see myself then when I'm done prototyping.

    Thanks a lot!

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