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  • jhice: Since that post the system expression "rgb(r,g,b)" has been added.

    I don't feel it is really necessary to list this.

    [quote:2w4z9d8a]rgb(r, g, b)

    Generate a single number containing a color in RGB format. This is useful for conditions or actions taking a color parameter.

  • : see the other post. Probably we can change de title of the question, but IMHO this conversion is still useful if we want to use direct color value without using rgb() (or without the possibility to use it).

    Here's an example why it is useful to know the color formula (where wsColor is a number value) :

  • jhice: As you can see in the "inline help", it's expects a "rgb(r,g,b)" formulation as well that you can/should provide.

    r, g, b are also expected number values that you can provide through the use of the "int()" keyword to cast the value to integer.


    For now I can't edit the FAQ anyway (because of some quirks in the new forum).
    As soon as I can, I guess I'll add it, but I'm still unsure this is really something required nor frequently asked (especially since it's PHP, so out of C2's scope).
    It can still find its place in the "Misc questions" I guess.
  • Thanks Kyatric.

    I won't be sad if you don't post it, if you think it's not a "frequently" question (and you know it better than me)

    Just wanted to contribute to a problem I faced. Your solution is of course good in the scope of C2, but needs to manage 3 variables, what I wanted to avoid (lazyness ^^). Anyway, I found my answer searching the forum.

  • mini map explample with relative positions


  • Thanks!

  • " Hide the mouse cursor " leads to forum index ;-;

  • Pasha187: Check your PMs and stop spamming/posting your question in this topic.

    It is mentioned in the first post that this topic is not here for people to post their questions, and that's why your post get deleted, in case you're wondering...


  • 'Saving and loading an array to/from webstorage' Tutorial in the 'webstorage' section no longer has a valid URL in the forum post. The link to the topic works fine, just within the post itself.

    Thanks for the list. Use it pretty much everyday.

  • cazbah: Thank you for the kind word.

    When files are missing from a topic, your should directly post in the topic to let the OP know that the files are missing. (in this case apparently someone already did, and the OP did not come back since)

    Anyway, I posted an example that does the job, if/when the OP comes back he can edit at will.

  • You are a pillar of this community Kyatric. A shining example of indie camaraderie, and you rock a mean beard.

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  • Hi Kyatric

    Do you think this qualifies for this topic? I have seen some guys asking for examples for Facebook - Leaderboards. I've included screenshots in the solution (not very professional though), to help those who want to build leader boards on Facebook games.

    note: I'll not pester you if you say NO

    Category: Plugins

    Sub-Category: Facebook

    Question: How do I create Facebook Leaderboard

    Link: https://www.scirra.com/forum/how-do-i-quot-facebook-top-10-scores-quot_t103763

  • Awesome! I read through the list and found a bunch of links to many things that I need to figure out! I can't wait to get out of work to get busy on my project! THANKS AGAIN!

  • Thanks!

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